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DATE :  March 30, 2004
VIGENETECH and Research Groups at NIH/NCI and FDA Announce the Deployment of MicroVigeneTM 2.0 for Reserve Phase Protein Microarray Analysis .

MicroVigeneTM 2.0 extends VigeneTech’s flagship microarray image analysis software to support Reserve Phase Protein Microarray analysis. The new release is a result of close collaboration between VigeneTech and the inventors of the Reverse Phase Protein Microarray methodology -the teams of Dr. Lance Liotta, Chief, Laboratory of Pathology, NIH/NCI and Dr. Emanuel Petricoin, Co-Director, NCI-FDA Clinical Proteomics Program.  Scientists of both research teams are now routinely using the software.  MicroVigeneTM 2.0 significantly speeds up the data analysis process of the Reserve Phase Protein Microarray analysis, offers powerful tools to support various image layouts and dilution curve designs, and brings this exciting technology to a new level of implementation whereby reproducibility, precision and accuracy can be analyzed very quickly. The deployment of MicroVigeneTM 2.0 is a significant step toward high quality and reproducible standard procedure of Reverse Phase Protein Microarray analysis for the NCI-FDA clinical proteomics program and eventual clinical implementation.

MicroVigeneTM 2.0 provides an all-in-one, integrated and automatic solution for the Reverse Phase Protein Microarray image analysis process.  This will turn the time consuming tasks to a single mouse click -from several hours or a day to a few minutes. The novel data analysis process for all dilution curves and system standards allows data comparison among different studies and clinical trials.  The software's modular design and open architecture allows the system to be incorporated into any customized data analysis process.

"The valuable feedback from scientists at NIH and FDA played a big role in the development of this new MicroVigeneTM product release. The success of this release in such a short time, and met all the specifications requested by NCI-FDA scientists also demonstrates the remarkable strength and the flexibility of MicroVigeneTM  development team.  This new release marked the extension of our products and services to protein microarray and customized image and data analysis software development,” said Dr. Minzi Ruan, CEO of VigeneTech. 

The goal of the FDA-NCI Clinical Proteomics Program is to invent and apply proteomics technology to patient care.  New proteomics research technology is now being used for clinical studies ranging from cancer to cardiovascular disease and organ transplant.  Researchers within the program are searching for proteins in the blood, urine, and diseased tissue that can be used as early biomarkers of disease, predict response to therapy, or the likelihood of relapse after treatment, or serve as new targets for therapy itself. 

About VigeneTech, Inc.: VigeneTech provides novel scientific software, customized solutions and online services in the areas of image analysis, automation, and instrumentation. VigeneTech’s MicroVigeneTM for microarray image analysis delivers 100% reproducible, operator independent results;  it is robust to handle various shifted and noisy images; and supports unattended batch process.  For more information about VigeneTech, please visit  

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