VigeneTech Inc has announced today cooperate its Chinese site in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. The new company named Weiming Bioinformatic Co. (微明(杭州)信息科技有限公司) is located in the Hangzhou Hi-Tech Industry Development Zone.  It is registered as a completely independent company as part of VigeneTech Inc.’s efforts to expand into the growing Asian markets. Weiming Bioinformatic Co. will also assist VigeneTech in its product development and support in the global market. 
 Weiming Bioinformatic Co.   
  Joinhands Science Park
  4028 Nanhuan Road,  1-106 
  Hangzhou, Zhejiang,  310053, China
  Tel : +86-0571-86691040               +86-0571-86691041
  Fax: +86-0571-86691041 
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