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The software built up, with image analysis as its core technology, has the full extended modulated system to provide high automated software solution for many array based application. In addition to image analysis, it currently contains series array data analysis modules for many specific application in research and diagnosis. Complied as a array image analysis engine, MicroVigene SDK, can be used to build any customized and real time image analysis system.

Image Analysis:

MicroVigene version 3.0
Image analysis software suitable for any array based image application. Sophisticated and robust signal segmentation and automated grid technology with state of art user interface. 
MicroVigene Suite 
With the same user interface, MicroVigene has open architecture to extend the function to support wider application and also extent support to post image data analysis and data management arena to provide integrated  solution.  

Array Data Analysis:

Protein Array Data Analysis Modules
Customized plug-in array modules for functional expression, quantitate and reverse phase protein protein array to provide  complete solution for protein array research and diagnostic application.
DNA Array Data Analysis Modules
Customized data analysis for post image analysis provide.

Diagnostic Microarray Software:  Spot Quant and Manufactory Module : 

SpotQuant: Clinical version of image and data analysis software for Whatman diagnostic protein array, Combi Chip
SpotQuant Manufactory Module: 
Comprehensive image and data analysis software for protein array development and protocol configuration by chip manufactures.

Customized Enterprise and Web Based Solution 

MicroVigene Development Kit SDK
Builds state of the art enterprise and web based array image analysis solution with MicroVigene Development Kit (SDK).  with simple xml interface.
MicroVigene Capabilities & Main Features 

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