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  Newly  Released LEGENDplex™ V7.1 for LEGENDplex™ Multi-Analyte Flow Kits (for MAC)   New Released of MILLIPLEX™ Analyst   V5.1 for Luminex data...   Life Technologies Sources VigeneTech Image Analysis Engine for the Prodigy™ Microarray Platform   CapitalBio Co. and VigeneTech launch a fully intergrated microarray solution platform...
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Microvigene™ for
DNA,RNA,CGH Microarray
Protein/Antibody Microarray
  Cellvigene™ for
Tissue Microarray
Cell Based Image Analysis
MILLIPLEX™ Analyst V5.1  for
Luminex Data Analysis
LEGENDplex™  for
LEGENDplex™ Multi-Analyte Flow Kits
  Software Development Service  
  Online Image Analysis Service  


Spatially distinct roles of class Ia PI3K isoforms in the development and maintenance of PTEN...
Sept. 16, 2013
Web training session
 9:00-10:00 am, Jul 21
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